Gaseous Fire Suppression System

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Fire Suppression System

The extinguishing effect of carbon dioxide is caused by the fast displacement of oxygen in the vicinity of the source of the fire and a high heat-retention capacity. Due to their special extinguishing agent properties, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems can specifically protect entire rooms and open facilities. Carbon dioxide is a natural component of the ambient air and electrically non-conductive. Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems requires only a little space for storing the extinguishing agent.

Examples of use:

rolling mills



hazardous material storage

machine tools and special metal processing plants

paint and varnish manufacturing or processing plants

painting and powder coating booths (ESTA)

hydraulic systems

cable trays and shafts

silos and dust filters

print machinery

motor testbeds and ship engine rooms

switching and control systems

PT. Totalfire Indonesia

PT. Totalfire Indonesia was established in May 2005 as a fire protection specialist in Jakarta, Indonesia. PT. Totalfire Indonesia has developed its capability to offer the following scope of work: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Service & Maintenance

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Industrial Building
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Mining Company
Oil and Gas Company
Telecommunication Company
Commercial Building
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